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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sandy Gervais and Denyse Schmidt

I'm finally back in the swing of things. Everyone needs to decompress, and sometimes you just need to step back and just take a break.

We've decided to put our condominium up for sale.
I haven't decided if I'm happy or sad about it yet :o). 

We've totally outgrown this place. Crazy-sounding! How much space do two people need?!

Either way, it gives me an excuse to make pretty things to stage the house!

Our kitchen table is...bare to say the least :). 

So, to Moda Bakeshop, I went! They always seem to have something quick and easy when you're in a bind!

They had this tutorial for a table runner. It was an amazing solution for my ever-growing stash, and my bare-table dilemma. 

I didn't use Verna by Kate Spain, but I did use a Giddy by Sandy Gervais charm pack! I am also using a little of the Denyse Schmidt fabric I picked up several weeks ago for the inner border, backing, and binding. I think it's turning out nicely! The brown ties in with the colors on the wall, and the red compliments the color of the sofa! I think the bright blue gives the whole thing a nice punch :).

This will be my first go at hand quilting, and I feel that this is a good project to start with. It's small, manageable, portable, and any mistakes are easily hidden by the large prints and bright colors.

If you're interested in making this quilt top, I highly recommend it! The tutorial was very easy to follow, and it looks so cute when finished!

You can find the tutorial here.

Also, I made this block with the same line of Denyse Schmidt that can now be found at Jo-Ann Fabrics website!

I think this block is really perfect for this line. I've been struggling to find a suitable block to compliment the fabric, and I love the endless possibilities of this block.

The piecing isn't great, the lines of the checks slant, but that doesn't really bother me :). 

Now, with this line, I haven't decided if I should use all the prints in one quilt top, or just stick to 2 or three coordinating prints and colors.

I would love to hear your opinions, and I take everyone's comments to heart. You guys never fail to inspire me!

Oh! I think I will definitely be doing a scrap swap. However, I don't think it will be until June because I'm going into the second half of the quarter at school, and life just tends to get crazy during the second half :).

So, if you're interested in the swap, just send me an email directly at skippitydodahquilts@yahoo.com

I will be doing a post on the swap with more details once the time comes, but I want to make sure I have enough people who want to actually participate in the swap first :).  

Happy Quilting!