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I'm just a new wife who has an obsession with my sewing machine! In Oct. 2010, my mother and I created my first sewing project - Euro pillow shams. I was hooked! I read everything I could get my hands on that had to do with sewing! Books, magazines, online tutorials. I experimented and found that I get so much enjoyment from making quilts, and that it's where I found my niche. I'm still a beginner, but I've learned so much in just 5 short months, that I want to share it with someone!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How about a quilt-along?

Anyone care for a quilt-along? This will be my first, so bear with me :). 

This quilt will be a sampler/mystery quilt of sorts because you won't know what the finished quilt will look like until the end, and each block is different.  I'll be posting a tutorial for 12 blocks, one every Tuesday. At the end of the 12 weeks, you'll have enough for a pretty quilt!

This quilt is for the confident beginner. Basic quilting, piecing, and sewing skills are a requirement as I will not be showing the steps in how to match up seams, block pressing, etc.

Okie dokie, so the fabric I'm using is the Picnic and Fairgrounds by Denyse Schmidt. I really love the 30's inspirations in this quilt.

Every block is from Quiltmakers Special Edition 100 Blocks. You are welcome to get yourself a copy, but for those of you who don't want to, just follow the tutorials :). 

Block #259

Okay, for this block, you are going to need the following -

2 squares in a light print, each 5 1/4" square.

In a dark, coordinating print, 1 square 5 1/4" square.

2 squares, 2 7/8" square.

4 rectangles, 2 1/2"x4 1/2".

In a bold, coordinating print, 1 square 5 1/4" square.

2 squares, 2 7/8" square.

4 rectangles, 2 1/2"x4 1/2".

and 2 2 1/2 strips for the border (I'm using white).

Using the 5 1/4" squares, make 4 hourglass blocks using the technique I displayed here, except also cutting down the center of the half-square-triangles.

Using the 2 7/8" squares, make a pinwheel block, using the classic pinwheel technique.

Block assembly -

Lay out the hourglasses, pinwheel and rectangles so that it looks like this, and piece the block together, one row at a time. Press the seams in opposite directions.

Press the finished block.

Adding the border -

Sew your 2 1/2" strips on each side, cutting off excess as needed.

And you're done!

I'll be posting the second block next Tuesday, so stay tuned!

If you participate in this quilt-along, I would love to see your progress, so post your pictures up on my Flickr group here.
If you have trouble, or have any questions, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email at skippitydodahquilts@yahoo.com :).

Happy quilting!