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Saturday, April 16, 2011

A disappearing 9-patch tutorial

Want to create a block that looks impressive, but is easy-peasy? Then the disappearing 9-patch is for you!

This block is soo-ooo easy, and you come out with a great result and you look like a seasoned quilter in the process!

Materials Needed:

9 Charm Squares (a center, contrasting square is optional, but not required.)
Sewing Machine
1/4" Seam Foot. (If you don't have one, I highly suggest you spend the $10 and buy one. It will save you a lot of trouble!)
Rotary Cutter and Mat
A Clear Ruler, at least 12" long
A Little Bit of Imagination!

Part One: 

First, you are going to lay out your charm squares in 3 rows of 3. Make sure to keep in mind the order in which you lay your squares, keeping it in a coordinating, but separate the colors so you don't have the same color up against another square of the same color.
For my block, I chose to use a contrasting solid in the center block. You will understand why the center, but if you choose to do the contrasting solid, always put it in the center and not on one of the edges.

Part Two

Now we are going to sew our rows together. Sew your first row using a 1/4" seam. Press the seams to one side. Your first row should look like this.

Repeat the same step for the second row. However, when you press the seams, press them in the opposite direction from what you pressed your first row. So, if you pressed your seams to the right for the first row, you will press your seams to the left for this row. 

Repeat the same step for the third row, pressing the seams in the opposite direction from what you pressed in the second row. 

You now should have three rows of three charm squares.

Part Three

Now, we will be sewing the rows together, making a 9-patch block. 

Take your top two rows and lay them on top of each other. Make sure the sides you are lining up are the sides you want sewn together. 

To make sure you get that nice little point on your finished block, and none of your squares are off center, you want to kind-of notch the two seams together. See how the way you pressed your seams creates a little crevice for each one to lay? That's how you want yours to look.
Sew your rows together, using this method, and press your seams to one side. It doesn't matter what way you press your seams in this step.

Your block should look like this.

Part Four

Now, your disappearing 9-patch is going to come alive!

Lay your 9-patch block on your cutting mat. Make sure it's straight with at least the bottom line, and one of the side lines. You don't want your squares coming out wonky!

Find the center of your block, and cut with your rotary cutter.

Do the same in the opposite direction, like a cross.

And you're finished! You've created four disappearing 9-patch blocks! Easy-peasy, right?

See that little square in the corner? That's the center, contrasting solid square that I chose! It puts a nice punch to the block, without overwhelming the colors :).

You can lay them out in any order or style that pleases you, because after all, you make the rules in quilting!

Enjoy and Happy Quilting!