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I'm just a new wife who has an obsession with my sewing machine! In Oct. 2010, my mother and I created my first sewing project - Euro pillow shams. I was hooked! I read everything I could get my hands on that had to do with sewing! Books, magazines, online tutorials. I experimented and found that I get so much enjoyment from making quilts, and that it's where I found my niche. I'm still a beginner, but I've learned so much in just 5 short months, that I want to share it with someone!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


So I suppose it's about time I get into the blogging world of quilting! I've been following several quilting and sewing blogs for awhile, and I'd love to share them with you!!

Crazy Mom Quilts - She's been quilting for 10 years, and is absolutely amazing! She has some great tutorials for quilts, tips and tricks, some really great quilt-alongs! Check her out!

Red Pepper Quilts  - She's a quilter out of Australia (I think??). Her designs are absolutely out of the world, and so is her quilting! She does a lot of straight-line quilting, which I love! She has an Etsy store where you can purchase her patterns and quilts!

Diary of a Quilter - I just recently started following her, so I don't know much about her yet, but she has some awesome quilts! I've followed some of her tutorials and they are so easy to understand!

Moda Bake Shop - This is probably my favorite blog to follow! It's an extension of the Moda Fabrics company. They choose quilters to post different 'recipes' of quilts and different crafts made from Moda pre-cut fabrics. It is an awesome blog, and I would highly recommend any new quilter/sewer to follow it!

P.S. I Quilt  - She's a self-taught quilter (like me!) and she is totally modern, funky, young and hip! I love the way she takes a new spin on an old craft!

So, what have you all been working on lately?

I've been working on quilting this quilt for my niece, who's 13th birthday is coming up.

Isn't it totally awesome! I'd like to think it's bridging that gap between frilly-girly and funky-girly. I remember those days, where I was starting to really hate my light pink canopy bed, but pink was still my favorite color.

When the binding is ready to be put on, I will be posting a quick and easy tutorial for the 'binding-challanged' of the world. Don't worry, I was there too!

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Happy Quilting!