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I'm just a new wife who has an obsession with my sewing machine! In Oct. 2010, my mother and I created my first sewing project - Euro pillow shams. I was hooked! I read everything I could get my hands on that had to do with sewing! Books, magazines, online tutorials. I experimented and found that I get so much enjoyment from making quilts, and that it's where I found my niche. I'm still a beginner, but I've learned so much in just 5 short months, that I want to share it with someone!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A little bit of this, A little bit of that

It's snowing here, in Ohio. Uhhh? I don't really know what to say! But, while I'm being cooped up inside, I have found soo-oo many things I want to talk about today!

Do you ever walk into your sewing room and have to bypass the mountain of fabric, thread, books, and everything else standing in your way to get anything done? (Oh, me, me, me!!). Yeah, I have that problem. 

I don't enjoy being disorganized. We're starting to grow out of our 1,000 sq. ft. condo, but we're managing. In the meantime, I bought this book so I can curb some of my disorganization madness.

 I am very obsessed with this book. The information it has is completely invaluable, and you should all go to Connecting Threads and buy it. Now!

 While I was reading, there was a suggestion for stash organization, and I thought to myself, "Well, I could use that for thread!" 

Thread is, well was, a problem for me. I have a lot of thread. And, up until now, nowhere to store it.

And not only do I have a lot of thread, but I am really thrifty (as thrifty as a quilter can be, anyway). 

So, I went out and bought one of those shoe organizers that hang over the door! =)

 Isn't this fun?! I had enough pockets to organize the thread by color!

I even had room to put a few charm packs, embroidery floss, needles, and a bunch of other notions in there!

Another tip for today - Rulers. I have several, and for different reasons. 

The longest one, I use for making initial cuts of fabric, cutting selvages, etc. The other four are square rulers in sizes 12.5",  8.5", 6.5", and 3". I use the square rulers after the initial cuts to cut smaller pieces, and for trimming and squaring off blocks. I used to think, "Good heavens, why does that woman have SO many rulers! They all do the same thing!" Now, I'm one of those women :), because swinging around that big long ruler to cut off 2 inches of fabric isn't very...smart :). 

I hope you find these tips helpful! Happy Quilting!