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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Four words I would have never imagined being in the same phrase

Denyse Schmidt. Jo-Ann Fabrics. Yes, ladies (and a few gentlemen), you read correctly.

This photo was taken from a fellow Etsy seller, with her permission.

Denyse Schmidt is a very popular designer. And the quality of her fabric is very good. Which is why (and I will say this without shame) I was so surprised to see my computer blowing up with this news that she had designed a line specifically for Jo-Ann Fabric Stores. 

Holy S&%$. 
(Excuse my French)

This is sure to create some controversy. How will this affect the local stores that carry awesome, high quality, and already beautiful fabrics? 

How will Jo-Ann's handle the onslaught of quilters flocking to their stores? 

I can tell you right now, the ladies (and, yes, a few gentlemen) at my local Jo-Ann's are lucky to know the difference between cotton and canvas. I'm not, in any way, bad-mouthing their character, personality, etc. But the ladies at my local quilt shop know their stuff, and the service I get at my local store is far better, more personal, and a lot friendlier than the service I've gotten from Jo-Ann's, which is something I value over a good deal.

Not to mention, whenever I've gotten fabric at Jo-Ann's, they stretch the fabric and it always leaves me short of what I asked for, and they cut with scissors so I end up having to cut off at least an inch to make it straight. So I'm over-paying!

So, the question that everyone is asking themselves...

Do I betray my LQS (local quilt shop) and get this beautiful fabric, and risk bad customer service and, quite possibly, not the amount of fabric I want?

How many of you are speeding out to Jo-Ann's to snatch up some of this fabric? I think I might take a trip over there just to see what they have. I'm very wary of buying fabric from my local Jo-Ann's, so I will keep you updated.